Florida in West Virginia odds, choices and predictions

 Florida in West Virginia odds, choices and predictions

Florida in West Virginia odds, choices and predictions

Florida in West Virginia: Three Things to Know

Florida won three in a row and four of the last five (3-2 ATS), which includes a 26-point win over the then No.11 Tennessee at home in a 9-point underdog. The Gators reached 76th in attack rankings and 50th in hit rate.

The climbers won and took shelter of rivals from the Kansas State Saturday and Texas Tech Monday # 10, returning to service after a two-week layoff due to COVID-19 issues. Before the break, West 

Virginia lost 72-70 at home to Studs against the then No. 4 Texas, January 9.
This is a rare West Virginia-Florida as the two have only met the Gators twice since 2016 and have covered both games.

Against the spread (ATS)
This is a good match for the Florida offensive team because the Alligators make a lot of in-arc shots and this is where West Virginia's defense grapples with.

According to  Florida has the 31st most 2-point attempts and makes 66% of its hoop shots. While the Climbers' opponents hit 50.8% of throws with 2 points (228th place) and, according to connect 59.1% of throws in the ring (284th place).

Finally, if you look at the market, you will notice that according to Pregame.com, more money is being made in Florida, but more betting is being made in West Virginia. Generally, you need to keep an eye on the money column because it is considered the sharpest side of the market.