For Newman Saks Strongroom, the retail battle is personal

For Newman Saks, Strongroom the retail battle is personal

For Newman Saks Strongroom, the retail battle is personal

Personal shopping services that once targeted the wealthiest consumers are becoming more popular amid the pandemic as high-end retailers move online and consumers make more retail purchases home.

These personalized fashion design services are being made available to the lower end of fashion markets through social media and other technologies, enabling high-end brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Newman Marcus and selected retailers to comedian. direct platform communication.

Brands like Strongroom have long offered proprietary personalized style services such as Trunk Club and Style Links that allow merchants to choose their look and sell items on their social media. During the store's temporary closings, they ran virtual stylistic meetings, which accounted for roughly 30% of all styling meetings in the third quarter, according to the company.

Last year, Humane Marks also accelerated the use of apps that connect clients with style consultants who can share AI-powered recommendations or help with immediate phone purchases.

This integration using social features as part of our regular services allows our style consultants to serve many clients at once and provides easy access to inventory and product images across all Newman Marcus Group stores and warehouses, including items not online, said Elizabeth Gleason, Vice President of Digital Sales Experience for the Newman Marcus Group

Personal style is not new. The pandemic has simply sped up deployment and cemented social media as a viable platform for building customer relationships. In the past decade, mobile apps have emerged, such as Style Counsel, offering shopping advice to users, and subscriptions and personal styling platforms such as Frank & Oak, Dis & Co. and Stitch Fix, deliver customized clothing options right to your door. The shift of consumers online only heightens the need for rationalization, whether it's machine learning recommendations, personalized emails, or targeted ads.

Victoria Riv kin is one of Saks's trading partners who has moved to social media. With platforms like Instagram Facebook, the once laborious process of tracking a potential customer through a store is reduced to a simple direct message, which saves time and allows Riv kin to manipulate multiple .