Nos Siam's ships worth seeing Opinion estimation

 Nos  Siam's ships worth seeing  Opinion estimation

Nos  Siam's ships worth seeing  Opinion  estimation

Several years ago, two boys, about 10 years old, ran up to the porch of the Sheldon Prairie Museum, holding their breath and asking where the Titanic was.
I replied:He sank and is at the bottom of the ocean. Why do you want to know where it is? 

My answer was not what they were looking for. They told me they want to see a model of the Titanic, but we don't have a model of the Titanic in the museum. We have three ship models that Sim Shorting hays built and donated to the museum.

This is what they wanted to see, but were sure that the Titanic is one of the ship models presented.
The boys thought of the Bremen, a German-built ocean liner. It was being rebuilt to aid the war effort and the planned invasion of Great Britain in March 1941, when a fire broke out while docking in Bereavement, completely destroying the ship.

The second model is the USS New Mexico, a battleship that was based at Pearl Harbor, but was not where it was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. The ship was refurbished in May 1942 and served to protect the United States. in World War II.

The third model is a sailing ship called the Half Moon, which Henry Hudson used to explore the Hudson River in 1609.

As a boy, Siam grew up in Andaman, Holland, which is a major trading port. He served in the Communications Corps of the Dutch Navy. He was an adventurous person and wanted to see America and many other places. When Sim was 17 years old, his father gave him money to travel to America, but he had to promise to return to Holland for a year.

Siam toured America by rail and met many railroad friends who pointed him to interesting places to visit. His railroad friends helped him find a job to make money. He didn't want to spend all his father's money so quickly. He could get free passes from friends to see more places and not waste his father's money. Three years later, he returned to Holland and kept his promise to his father.