Seven Tips for a Fast Tax Return Which news

 Seven Tips for a Fast Tax Return  Which news

Seven Tips for a Fast Tax Return  Which news

While MARCH has announced that it is waiving the £ 100 penalty for late February tax returns, the official tax filing date for 2019-2020 is. It's still today (January 31st) - and it's still the deadline for paying taxes. This means that any unpaid tax due on January 31st will be charged an interest rate of 2.6%, so MARCH encourages anyone who can file a tax return by the official deadline to do so. On January 25, MARCH said it was still awaiting 3.2 million in tax returns out of an expected 12.1 million. 
The IRS reported that 702,171 self-assessors left it before January 31 to file tax returns last year, and the peak hour submission was between 4 pm and 4 pm 59 minutes when 56,969 documents were received. Here's what? gives some tips on how to file your tax return quickly and avoid a late fine.

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Looking through letters and emails may seem like you're not doing your job, but one of the best ways to cut down on your tax return time is to get all the paperwork ready in advance. This way, you can simply enter information as you go, without having to stop at each section to search for numbers. What you need will depend on your circumstances, but everyone will need their national insurance number and TR number to get started. Then, depending on your sources of income, you will need things like P 60 and / or P 45, bills, receipts, student loan statements, lease agreements, and bank statements.

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