Still from life Watching Mrs. Oder Minister on the big screen in UP

 Still from life Watching Mrs. Oder Minister on the big screen in UP

Still from life: Watching Mrs. Oder Minister on the big screen in UP

The pandemic and the associated isolation have impacted us in many ways, one of which is to create a keen understanding of dates in our minds. The most significant for me was Friday, March 13, 2020. It was the last time in 2020 that I ventured into the multiplex to watch Hopi Azania's Wednesday Ingres, unaware that this would be the last film of the amazingly talented Iran Khan I saw on the big screen and that there were many barrens in front of me. months in which I was denied the darkness of the theater, the flickering of moving images on the screen, greedily consumed by samosa and coffee lattes on the side.

I can't remember when in the past I had to be away from the cinema for so long. Even before films became my bread and butter as a journalist and critic, watching one film a week was considered a must. Even something as important and monstrous as decisive board exams could not interfere with our strong relationship. Even the growing influence of streaming platforms couldn't distract me from my enduring commitment to the big screen.

But as the months of separation wore on, efforts to fill the absence and the gaping void grew. Life has predictably turned to TOT. If Gulag Sitarist or Unshakably Devi decided to return home, I would also have to knock on their doors. Sometime in September, when the Toronto International Film Festival 

went online, a new beast named Shift coaxed me to the core. The online video streaming platform continued to hold me captive with the first online edition of the Ramshackle International Film Festival (DIFF). Suddenly I began to miss films. I recently relished as much of a real-life experience as possible of virtual movie watching and market gambling at the AFDC Film Bazaar, and while that part goes to bed I'm getting ready to attend the Sun dance Film Festival, which promises to recreate the community viewing experience on our individual screens, even as we watch them. in different corners and time zones of the world.