$ 15 minimum wage does not cover living expenses worldfree4u.site

 $ 15 minimum wage does not cover living expenses worldfree4u.site

While millions of people will benefit from higher wage increases from a higher national minimum wage, many workers will still lack the living wage —the wage an individual or family needs to cover their basic expenses.

This is especially true for families, mainly due to the higher cost of living, such as caring for children, compared to single adults.

Even with a pay rise of up to $ 15 an hour, a typical family of four cannot afford basic services in any state of the United States, according to an analysis of CNBC's cost of living data compiled by researchers at MIT. (This example assumes two children and two adults work full-time for minimum wages.)

The data weighs costs such as food, childcare, health care, housing, transportation and other necessities. It does not include income from social protection programs for the poor.

According to the analysis, single adults without children tend to live better than families. But in about half of the states, the cost of living will still exceed the wages of workers who pay $ 15 an hour.

The West and Northeast tend to have the greatest shortage of workers — states such as California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New York — as well as the District of Columbia, where the cost of living and taxes tend to be higher.

When people scream [that the $ 15 minimum wage] is such a radical proposal, the radical point is, frankly, how low it really would be, said Judy Conti, director on Government Relations in the National Employment Bill. workers protection group.

President Joe Biden has called for an hourly rate of $ 15. House Democrats are seeking to consolidate the policy - which will gradually raise wages until 2025 - to a $ 1.9 trillion pandemic relief package.

The Covid pandemic has brought even more relief to the notion of a living wage, as advocates argue that frontline and important workers (often women and people of color) are underpaid, putting their health at risk.

Democrats are trying to increase aid in the event of a pandemic by mid-March, although minimum wage compliance is not guaranteed. Biden reportedly told government officials last week that wage increases are unlikely to continue in the near future, but has pledged to continue adhering to that policy.

Don't survive

The $ 15 minimum wage is more than double the current federal standard.

The current national rate of $ 7.25 per hour, or about $ 15,000 per year before taxes for a full-time worker, was set in 2009. It does not rise with the cost of living, so its purchasing power has declined over time.

Regional differences

The current wage deficit relative to the subsistence level tends to be highest among workers in the South and Midwest. There, the cost of living is generally lower, but also the minimum wage.

The data shows that in these areas, a $ 15 minimum wage will have a larger effect than narrowing the poverty gap.