Detailed description of each change in Rainbow Six Siege

 Detailed description of each change in Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist and Year 6

Ear 6 is the first full year of Rainbow Six Siege's revamped annual content plan, which, as announced, includes quality of life changes and core feature overhauls. The official roadmap has four new operators, some redesigned maps and a lot of events promised in the official roadmap - just enough new toys to keep things fresh from season to season - but what this roadmap lacks is Ubisoft's plan for a radical change in the way each round is played out.

During Year 6, Ubisoft announced its intention to reduce downtime in Rainbow Six Siege matches by giving attackers more options during the pre-stage and allowing kicked-out players to directly influence the outcome of the round. In addition, Mira, Maestro and Goyo will be reworked in Year 6, health and armor will become more transparent and, as a rule, the game balance will be rebalanced so that offense is as viable as defense.


The first season of Ear 6, Operation Crimson Heist, features Argentine striker Flores, a mid-speed striker with four special drones loaded with explosives. Flores has ten seconds to get each RCE-Ratero drone into place. After that, the drone locks to its location, becomes bulletproof and explodes after another couple of seconds. Each blast appears to have a blast radius similar to the blast radius of the nitrocell, but defenders receive many warnings to leave the area thanks to the audible siren that sounds when the drone is anchored.


Flores arrives with a rework of the popular Border map, which was recently dropped from competitive play as it was outdated. The rework is similar in scale to the Clubhouse rework and retains the identity of the map, its key sections and flow.

So what's new? Bathroom and checkout counters are now a viable target with a significantly expanded bathroom and less vertical play. The waiting room now has an internal balcony connecting the lounge to the east staircase. The archive was opened, which greatly simplified the protection from the capture of the northern balcony and transport. There are many more minor fixes, but it's also worth noting that the map is cleaner, with less clutter and clutter obstructing lines of sight - hopefully that means you aren't dying of weird pixelated looks.


The Y6S1 also adds a new offensive side weapon called the Gonne-6, which is a single shot weapon that can destroy defenders' gadgets, and an anticipated match replay system for PC players. Ubisoft says it is not yet available for console players as it is still in beta testing.


While much less is known about the remainder of the 6th grade, we do know that the second season operator is from Nakoda, an indigenous people of the Great Plains. This operator is accompanied by a refinement of the favela, focused on everyday life. In Season 3, we'll get a Croatian operator and three small map enhancements instead of a massive rework. Finally, in season four, Siege will receive an Irish operator as well as an Outback rework.