Why animated flying cat on Popworldfree4u.site

Why animated flying cat on Popworldfree4u.site

In the 10 years since Chris Torres created Nyan Cat, an animated flying cat with a rainbow-colored Pop-Tart body, the meme has been viewed and shared hundreds of millions of times.
On Thursday, he posted a one-of-a-kind version for sale on Foundation, a website for buying and selling digital goods. In the last hour of the auction, a bidding war broke out. Nyan Cat was sold to a user identified only by the cryptocurrency wallet number. Price? Approximately $ 580,000.

Mr. Torres held his breath. “I feel like I've opened the floodgates,” he said in an interview on Friday.
Other recently sold digital tokens include a clip of LeBron James blocking a shot in a Lakers basketball game, which cost $ 100,000 in January, and a Twitter post from Mark Cuban, investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, which went for $ 952. This month, actress Lindsay Lohan sold her face for more than $ 17,000 and, in a tribute to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, said, "I believe in a world that is financially decentralized." It was quickly resold for $ 57,000.

People have long attached emotional and aesthetic value to physical goods, such as fine art or baseball cards, and are willing to pay big bucks for them. But digital media did not have the same value because it can be easily copied, shared, and stolen.

When selling NFT, all computers connected to the cryptocurrency network record the transaction in a shared ledger, the blockchain, which makes it part of a permanent public record and serves as a kind of certificate of authenticity that cannot be changed or erased.

The nascent market for these products reflects a noticeable, technology-savvy move by digital content creators to financially connect with their audiences and eliminate middlemen.
Some NFT buyers are collectors and fans who brag about what they have bought on social media or on screens throughout the home. Others are trying to make quick money on the jump in cryptocurrency prices. Many see it as a form of entertainment that combines gambling, collecting sports cards, investing and day trading.

The eye-popping NFT selling prices have sparked the same confusion and ridicule that has long plagued the cryptocurrency world, which is struggling to make good use of its technology beyond currency trading. There is also uncertainty about the stability of values, as many transactions use cryptocurrencies, the value of which has fluctuated a lot over the past two years.

Why animated flying cat on Pop worldfree4u.site